Re-Enlistment Options

AKAramis said:
Oaty_bars said:
I've been pondering something, say instead of "Re-Enlistment" in the same career, how about you Enlist in new onw (always seemed kinda dumb that everyone starts their gaming career as soon as they leave the career they trained in) so say you could have a guy who spent time in the army who was from the vallies and had a fine singing voice (thinking about the zulu movie right now lol) and was offered a job in performance, and left to pursue that career,

(okay joking above, but just say a ex-scout who becomes an agent, because he has the contacts and knows the area so well)

you should be able to go in to another career,

MoTrav Draft 1 & two both allow this already, except for the other two subcareers in your current one....

If thats they same way I want it, very cool, (where do I get this second draft?, I'm sure I'll come up with more stuff when I can check this out ;))

Now all I need is the option to trade stat points for skills,
(most skills would cost 1 point at zero, another point to one etc, but more advanced skills, say medic, Nav, Engineer etc cost 2 point to zero and can't go beyond that) so you can have that natural talent, or been a geek,(low stats, but with skills etc)

this is sorta based on the fact that as a kid I was a crack shot, I could out shoot everyone, including my dad who was a marine, and a friend of the family who was sniper grade,

The odd thing about this is that in a society where the fleet is so huge and officers are so important that there have to be a core of high-social naval officers who must serve at least nine or ten terms to get to the highest ranks of the service. Added to this is the ready availability of anagathics and the idea makes even more sense. I think in the Third Imperium there needs to be advantages for characters with higher social standings. Maybe not in the core book, but definitely somewhere.