random thing I noticed


Someone pointed out to me that Steve Jackson Games is selling some books they found in their warehouse and guess what part of the haul is.

That's right GURPS Conan, but they don't have the main book available for that.
interesting. I never liked the GURPS system but I liked their source material and how much of it they put out. Cant accuse them of not supporting their line lol.
I've always hated GURPS. Why? They are just like ever other company out in the world. They see something neat, they copy it, and make it into a bad version. I wonder why it is cheap, perhaps because the G stands for generic, and the U stands for Universal.....RPS...well, I'm sure you can figure it out....
You certainly have the right to state your opinion, but you should refrain to throw gratuitous comments like that. That is not the place to start a system war.

"System A is so crappy compared to System B"
So childish anyway...