Mercenary tickets


Banded Mongoose
Am I just missing vital information somewhere in the Mercenary 2022 box set? I found the 1st edition Mercenary book and have been playing with it for a few hours. Today I came across the 2022 pdf version on Bag of Holding and bought it, thinking it would expand upon the 1st edition, but honestly it seems to be severely lacking. The information on creating a unit is strewn across a large amount of pages with tables scattered all over the place, combat resolution is substantially inferior (at least in 1E, certain types of units got bonuses or negatives against other types. If that's here, I can't find it.) And Ticket Generation now seems to be left up solely to the whims of the referee. Not a single dice roll anywhere that I could find to establish what the mission is, what it pays, what support is available, or any of that anywhere in the three books.

The Detailed Resolution section is a nice addition, as well as space requirements for transporting units, and I think the recruitment section is probably better, and while this is probably a fine book for pre-planning an adventure or campaign, it seems woefully inadequate for a group that likes to just see what they can get into, and as best I can figure out, going where the adventure leads (sometimes random and on the fly) is part of what makes Traveller unique.

Please tell me I'm missing something? Thankfully it's only $13 gone and not the $70 I almost spent for the box set.