Ralios PDF suppliment in a nutshell

Signy said:
Urox said:
Nitpik: This Mistress Race troll that repeatedly bears trollkin...
Robin Laws replied about this issue in his blog http://robin-d-laws.livejournal.com/161588.html
I think this illustrates my earlier comment about npcs with unknown secrets and lack of adventure hooks that tie in with the material.

And yes, anything to do with mistress race trolls breaks the rules, but "bears fewer trollkin per litter" seems off-base IIRC as all multiple-births are considered trollkin.

And to top it off, why would you go to to Guhan (the land ruled by male trolls) to interview one of the mistress trolls of Halikiv? Mr. Laws seemed to have fumbled his reply there....

A nitpik about Rob Law's reply: It implies that the either Ralios PDF is God Learner document, or that the reproduction results of a mistress race troll are public knowledge...

Rob Law's Blog said:
This is material that got squeezed out of the main book and is at present scheduled only for electronic publication. Along with an overview of Glorantha’s cultures, races and places, the book presents a detailed campaign setting, the Safelster region of city-states. The Ralios material complements this, depicting the wild hinterlands surrounding Safelster. If you’re new to Glorantha, you’ll need to hold off and check out the main book to get the necessary grounding. Old hands will need little assistance with the references. Like the rest of the book, Ralios contains only glancing references to the rules. So this material works for you whether you’re using Mongoose RQ, an earlier edition, Heroquest, or any other set of rules.
I think this pretty much jibes with my review, and confirms the suspecion that Second Age is going to be a generic sourcebook, not RQ-specific.
Mac V said:
As a RQ newbie, a couple questions. I don't know anything about past products, but this Ralios PDF is awsome. The problem is there is SO much going on, it looks like it will be hard to grab hold of the whole setting. Do you older guys just focus on an area and go from there?

Well, for something like Ralios, I'd start off in one of the places mentioned, perhaps one of the cities or clans. Then I'd get the PCs to move around doing little jobs for people, to get them used to the area. They'd meet people, make friends/enemies and generate plotlines and scenario hooks. Then I'd introduce some of the major NPCs, but not all of them.

So, you might start off in Safelester, then go to Telmoria to hunt werewolves, then to Guhan to trade with trolls, then Kustria to fight chaos, then Ormsland to speak to dragonewts and so on. The GM would describe each area a bit and you'd build up experience of the areas, who are enemies, who are friends and so on.

Mac V said:
Also, what is this Troll Pack I keep hearing about from the old days?

RQ2 had Trollpack which was an excellent camapign pack about trolls, with History/Mythology, Cults, The Sazdorf Clan and a series of good scenarios. RQ3 reprinted it in 3 supplements - Troll Pack, Haunted Lands and Troll Gods. Hero Wars reprinted some of it in HW/HQ format but as a single booklet.

The RQ2 one was very good, RQ3 Troll Gods was good, HW was OK.