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what name do you like the most for a race of soul driven mechanical humanoids?

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  • Geistwerk

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hello all. i'm due to run a steampunk game soon but would like your imput. i need help to pick the name for a race of soul powered mechanical humanoids. this poll is on 4 other forums and voting ends in 20 days. vote for the one you like the most and if you could tell me why that would be great. after 20 days i'll add up all the votes from the forums and use the winning name.

thanks for your time and happy voting.
Samvail1 said:
I voted Geistwerk as it has a great sound, Germanic and obviouslt evil.


'Uhrwerkgeist' (clockwork spirit) would have three syllables, which would bring 'poltergeist' to mind...
thanks for voting i now have a winner. Geistwerk got the most votes on all the forums. thanks for voting. could not have done this with out your help.