Questions about the Crusade Era EA Fleet List


Does anybody knew, why the Omega Pulse Variant is not in these List ?
The normal Omega is in the List and I don´t think, that the Pulse Omega is fallen out of favor in this time ?

And is the Assault Hyperion realy the only skirmish choice ?
dont need a pulse moega when you have a marathon which is kind fo an omega/nova cross with a nastier beam.

yep thats your only skirmish choice, is the problem with getting all advanced and stuff, end up like the minbari and their torotha as only skirmish choice.
I like the Pulse Omega.
It one of the few Ships from the EA which don´t posess a Boresight weapon.
I´ve used it often and it was everytime nice to move it and know, that all firepower can be used.
And 16 AD TL was a nice addition for every Fleet.
well the problem is that Novas don't feature in the Crusade Era list either :(

It does seem strange that they don't have the Pulse Omega in this list. Two Chronos are a fair replacement given they have railguns in addition to pulse cannon though perhaps a bit on the fragile side if any beam-happy ships start paying attention.
Like the Minbari ;).
And the Centauri have nice Beam Ships on all Levels.
TheDrakh has only Beam Weapons.
And even the Narn have Ships with Beam Weapons on Skirmish+ Levels.

And the first Beam Weapons for the EA are on Raid Level and there only on one Ship.
in crusade era they may have to wait until raid level but in earlier eras you can get beams from patrol level upwards. tethys class laser boat and the oracle scout both have beams at patrol and skirmish level respectivly.
the minbari dont get beams until raid anyway as the torotha only has mini beams and molecular disruptors. and the shadows dont get their beams until war level now and pity the poor Vree who dont get beams at all.
But I liked the EA because it has so many version of one Ship (and the Fighter capacity).
In Babylon 5 Wars there where up to 6 versions of the Hyperion, 3 for the Omega, 3(?) for the Artemis and so on.
Now the Centauri have the most choices :( .

And it´s interesting, that they loose the Nova, Thetys, Artemis and Olympus but not the Explorer.
And the only realy War choice is the Poseidon.
(I don´t count the Command Omega, becasue it´s only slight better as the normal.)
I don't think anyone here fully understands the decision to upgrade the Warlock to armageddon level. It was very useful at war, and moving it up just detracts from the Nemesis, which should be the main attraction at that level.