Question about a blog


Hello, my name is Josue. Since I met traveler I have put aside my other role-playing games and have focused only on it, both when reading, playing and creating content. I have decided to create a blog in ko-fi where I upload all the material for free. There are people who, by creating this blog, are treating me worse than a terrorist. I am doing something wrong? All content is free. What difference would there be in uploading it to blogpost and at the end of each post say: If you like the blog and want to support me, go through my ko-fi.

Thank You
Depends on exactly what the content is. Generally, using copyrighted and/or trademarked material without permisison via a license to make money is not acceptable. Ko-fi is making money from said material, even if its not likely to be very much.

If you are writing thinkpieces, reviews, gameplay advice, and opinions, that's fair use. If you are creating content that draws on the actual rules/art/other protected IP, you should look into one of the licenses and utilize them. Unfortunately, they are in a bit of flux at the moment because of the way WotC traumatized the current legal regime of the industry recently.