Professions, Wages, Success and Disaster!


Ever need to figure out how much income PCs make during their downtime? What about allied or important NPCs? Here's something I'm putting together from GURPS Conan and revising for d20 (work in progress, feedback appreciated).

CS = Critical Success (natural 20 on 1d20 weekly Profession check). CS grants a multiplier to that week's income.

CF = Critical Failure (natural 1 on 1d20 weekly Profession check). CF incurs various penalties. LJ = Lose Job. It takes 1d4 weeks to find another in most cases. A negative number indicates the character loses that multiplier times his regular income, which could be much more than the character has. This represents losing a valuable shipment of goods or a location, and may either ruin the character if it is his business, or will cost him his job if he is not the owner.

Critical Success Range: Higher level characters have more and better opportunities to succeed. For every five character levels, the success range increases by 1. So, a 5th level character achieves a critical success on a 19-20, a 10th level character on an 18-20, a 15th level character on a 17-20, and a 20th level character on a 16-20.

Where only levels are given as the job requirement, consider the character to have maximum skill ranks for their level in a virtual "Class" Profession skill (e.g., a 2nd level thief has 5 ranks in Profession: Thief)

Starting Money: Every character has a profession; the category of which impacts starting money.

Poor Jobs: -20% Starting Money
Farm Laborer (Profession: Farmer 2+) CS: x2/CF: LJ.
Prostitute, Streetwalker (Profession: Prostitute 2+): CS x3/CF: Robbed, beaten.
Servant (Profession: Servant 2+) CS: x2/CF: LJ.
Street Beggar (Profession: Beggar 2+): CS: x2/CF: Arrested, Jailed, Released in 1d2 weeks.
Street Vendor (Profession: Vendor+): CS: x2/CF: Arrested, Jailed, Released in 1d2 weeks.
Thief (Thief level 1+) CS: x10/CF: Arrested, Jailed, Released in 1d4+1 weeks, hand cut off.

Struggling Jobs: -10% Starting Money
Apprentice (Profession: any, 4+)
Bandit (Barbarian, Borderer, Nomad, Soldier, Thief 1+) CS: x5/CF: Arrested, Jailed, Sentenced To Death, 1 FP to escape.
Cook (Profession: Cook 4+)
Gambler (Cha 13+, Profession: Gambler 4+) CS: x5/CF: Robbed, Beaten or if proved cheating Arrested, Jailed, Released in 1d4 weeks, Lose Hand.
Jongleur (Perform: Any 4+)
Noble's Servant (Profession: Servant 5+)
Pirate (Pirate 1+, Profession: Sailor 2+)
Prostitute, House (Cha 13+, Profession: Prostitute 4+)
Sailor (Profession: Sailor 2+)
Store Clerk
Tenant Farmer
Traveling Artisan

Average Jobs: +0% Starting Money
Castle Guardsman (Soldier 2+): CS: X2/CF: LJ.
City Guard (Soldier 1+): CS: X2/CF: LJ.
Courtesan (Cha 15+, Profession: Prostitute 5+)
Free Farmer
Large Animal Trainer (Handle Animal 4+, Animal Empathy feat)
Mercenary Soldier (Barbarian, Borderer, Nomad, Pirate, Soldier, Thief 1+)
Scribe or Minor Bureaucrat
Shopkeeper (Appraise 4+, Bluff 4+, Diplomacy 4+, Profession: Merchant 5+)
Slaver (Appraise 4+, Intimidate 4+, Profession: Slaver 4+) CS: x10/CF:
-10 (possible LJ).
Smuggler (Appraise 4+, Bluff 4+, Thief 1+)
Soldier (Soldier 1+)
Traveling Merchant (Appraise 4+, Bluff 4+, Diplomacy 4+)

Comfortable Jobs: +10% Starting Money
Courtesan, Highly Prized (Profession: Prostitute 8 ranks)
Healer (Cha 13+, Heal 10+)
Madam (Cha 15+, Profession: Prostitute or Pimp 8+)
Master Artisan (Profession: Artisan 10 ranks)
Master Merchant (Cha 15+, Profession: Merchant 10+)
Mercenary Leader (Cha 15+, Barbarian, Borderer, Noble, Nomad, Soldier level 6+, Leadership feat)
Military Officer (Cha 13+, Soldier level 3+)
Priest (Priest feat)
Scholar (Scholar level 1+)
Sorcerer (Scholar level 1+)

Wealthy Jobs: +20% Starting Money
Administrator or Bureaucrat (Int 13+, Wis 13+, Cha 13+)
High Church Official (Int 15+, Wis 15+, Cha 15+, Priest feat, character level 6+, Leadership feat)
Member of Noble Family (Noble level 1+)
Ruling Noble (Noble level 6+, Leadership feat)
Sorcerer (Scholar level 6+)