PRIS Binoculars


The listing for the PRIS Binoculars has a second paragraph which mentions PRIS Goggles. It states that these are the same thing but with close in view instead of distant view but there is no clear mention if they are the same cost, size or tech level. Maybe this needs to be mentioned for clarity.


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Something else of note would be how much magnification this and other telescopic items provide.

For reference, in Megatraveller PRIS Binoculars had a rating of 100x at TL 12, 225x at TL 13, 275x at TL 14, and 350x at TL 15. Modern binoculars usually have magnifications between 7x and 12x, and even as high as 80x.

For PRIS Goggles, most common modern microscopes have a range of magnification from 1x to 100x

Also of note is the fact that PRIS Binoculars could detect X-Rays to Gamma rays (But not radio waves) and had gyro-stabilization, and when calibrated, compass bearings.

Edit: Almost forgot, you could link PRIS Binoculars to displays so others could see what you saw.