Primitive weapons


Banded Mongoose
AE p. 132 gives a short list of primitive weapons. I'm wondering if there were in real history more than just these few. Maybe something that looks like a short sword made of bone (there are bone axes: why not short swords?)? Or a wooden "blade" with inserted obsidian spikes? Do you know of historic examples or do such weapons exist only in fantasy RPGs?
I am not anthropolgist, but I know the Aztecs used obsidion[sp?] and flint blades- primitive short swords at least I'd say.

[Now the Aztecs, that'd be a good culture to add to the Black Kingdoms. You don;t even have to change anything they already are a sorcerous kingdom awash in blood sacrifice.]

Another note, what about primitive armor- made of bone, thick hides and wood, etc.?

Raven, who likes blades.....
The Primitive weapons Table are weapons from the Conan stories largely and are not meant to mimic "real life" but to mimic the Conan stories. So yes, there are more in RL but nothing so wild as full-on stone swords I would think(not practical for hunting or much of anything really) But stone knives, those obsidian blades used by the Aztecs like Raven mentioned and bone weapons all seem like viable Conan/RL crossovers.

As for primitve armour, well as far as game mechanics go it's mostly the equivalent of leather armour, possibly a bt better if there's heavy layering involved (i.e. Bone and Hides).
Aztec swords were something of a cross between a sword and an axe. They basically consisted of a shaft with short, sharp chips of obsidian secured into grooves along most of its length, usually on either side like a double-edged sword or double-bladed axe. I used to know the name of such weapons but it escapes me for the moment.
The name of the Aztec sword which would be more of a cross between a club and an axe is macquahuitl.

Some people has asked here, when are we going to see the Tlazitlan, which by the name, we could think as the Aztecs of the Hyborian Age. Hopefully when the Stygia source book comes out, as they are described as a subrace of the Stygians.
Voltumna said:
The name of the Aztec sword which would be more of a cross between a club and an axe is macquahuitl.

I saw one of those in action on a documentary -- it cut halfway through a large hunk of meat and bone that was suspended from a rope. Vicious weapon, until it breaks.