Prestige Classes and stuff.



I have put in an order for scrolls, however I was wondering if those who have the book could give any tidbits to tide me over. FOr instance;

-Some info on the types of abilities the prc's have that make them prc's ( I know they are not powerful, just flavorful and different. However, is there any incentive for players to actually take levels in them?).

-Some spell names.

-Can demon Lords be summoned actively now, through the Master WOrds and Signs spell, or some new spell, now that stats are goven? Can they be persuaded to do some task?

-Are there any useful LOWER level spells (say 3-6 level).

-Are the new pretignation spells more useful than telekenisis?

-What does the emerald staff of set do? (notas king for stats, full desc ofcourse, Just a basic idea.)