Power Pts on the Char sheet


I may just be oblivious here, but I can't seem to find where a player is supposed to write in his Power Pts or spell lists on the character sheet.

Is there another page to the sheet that I'm not aware of, or maybe an additional downloaded page? Maybe something in S&P? It just seems that the default Conan char sheet seems a tad unfriendly to Scholar/Sorcerer characters...

there is no place for spells or power points. personally i think the same guy that draws the totaly useless maps for some scenarios and some sourcebooks (how i laughed after seeing a map of a town in Across the thunder river that was built beside a river and a lake...without the river or lake on the map :cry: ).

use this link for a good and useful character sheet with a nearly complete list of feats (!) more space for everything, a nearly complete spell list with stats and a nice design !