Who wants to create a cool new campaign?

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Sounds good. I'll do my best. PM me for more stuff.

Don't mean to criticise but change the htread title, and maybe more people will look at it: 'Playtesters needed', or something to that effect.
I'll be honest, 'Poll' caught my attention more than any other thread in the SSTM section. Maybe I haven't grown up yet. :D
I saw it, but I like this thread beter! :D

Struturing a campaign, like a book, if it rocks, send it o Signs and portents:

1. Type

2. Setting

3. Fluff

4. Paticipants and players

5. The rules

6. FAQ

7. Map (if applicable)

8. Roster sheets

9. Miscellaneous

10. Designer's notes

11. Battle report
I do!

I just need players...and tactical maps.

The basic mechanics are done and the strategic overview is written. Just need to tweak a couple of scenarios.

Its maybe an 8 player game tops (four pairs of two).

Any pair out there want to take point?