Play Time for Mr. Bubbles


This weekend I gathered a group of friends to give the Mr. Bubbles mission a try for the Troubleshooters edition. After four hours, the team was half-way through the physical book. (They had just met Harry-Y.) I'm an experienced GM for PARANOIA and wrapped up the evening successfully, but I'm curious if my style is so different from others. (I've ran it at conventions for over a decade, but I've only been a player twice.) Most of the published PARANOIA missions I have seen would require much more than four hours of play (except for mini-missions and Code 7s). How long did it require for you and your friends to play Mr. Bubbles? Did you actually finish the mission?

I ran this module about a year ago. We completed it in four hours but only with some rushing through certain scenes. That was with three players - how many did you have?