Pirate Isles


I've been reading over Pirate Isles, and been incredibly impressed (Black kingdoms too, but thats not the topic).

Now I have a question, is there any other book in the line that gives a nice simple system (like Pirate Isles has) that you can use to create adventure outlines. (Pirate Isles, if you don't know, has one chapter devoted to creating complications (roll on a table! me likey) and then a chapter about adventure seeds and how to put the twain together)

I want something like this developed for "land" adventures, and just wondered if any of the other supplements so far had something like what you find in the pages of Pirate Isles. I know Road of Kings has adventure seeds of sorts, but nothing like Pirate Isles does.

d :D
That simple system for creating adventures in Conan: Pirate Isles is one of my favourite things about that book. I don't think there is anything similar to it for land-based adventures so far.
I love the adventure creator in the book as I said and I want to share with you what I ended up with, so easy!!! ONE PAGE and I think I have 2-3 sessions worth of stuff! Just like I like it!

The Pirate’s Mark

Predator: If the PCs are the predator they are hunting a poorly defended town just recovering from a sickness. Sergio tells the PCs that they are delivering some goods to the Kush village of Terk, which is in need of some medicinal herbs that the Argossian Merchant Willuque can provide.

Prey: If the PCs are the prey, they are being hounded by a curse. The curse is a sickness aboard ship, because Sergio, tired of being hounded by pirates, has had a sorcerer curse everything on board in the hopes that pirates take the ship and its stuff. The ship is intended as a mark. PCs may very well realize this as the ship is in very poor condition, and most of the “crew” are nothing more than rabble from the prisons.

Summary: You were approached by a Naval Captain from the City of Messentia, as you languished in a squalid jail in the same city. Sergio, the officer, offered to have all charges dropped, and your freedom given you, if you would do him a service. He needs some additional officers to crew a well known merchant ship. Really you are only back up crew in the need such would arise. Having accepted you find yourself upon the Argossean Merchant Trader “Camel’s Pack” making your way south to Kush. You are about a week into the voyage.

Complication 1: Blown off course (not really, but navigator doesn’t really know what he is doing)

Complication 2: Becalmed, manage to row, and end up near an island with ancient ruins.

Complication 3: Crew mutinies when white stones are found on board – indicating a sorcerer on board

Resolution: Find traitor who reveals Willuque and Sergio had him curse the ship in effort to curse the pirates.

Prepared Characters: Argossean Captain, Argossean Crew, Argossean Ship, Island, Random Encounter (Giant Monster)

Argossean Merchantman, “Camel’s Pack”, 50 ft x 15, Crew 30, Hardness 2, HP 110, Tacital Mvmt: 2, Max Cargo 1, Components: Oars, Merchant Rigging, cargo hold

Argossean “Captain” Polynikes, Pirate 2, hp 11, Init +5, DV Dodge 13, Parry 12, DR 6, Cutlass +3 1d10+1 AP2, SA: Ferocious Attack, SQ: Seamanship +1, To Sail a Road of Blood and Slaughter, Pirate Code (Smoke and Rockets), SVs Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +0, Skills: Balance +8, Climb +5, Geography +4, Sailer +6, Spot +4, Use Rope +8

Argossean “Crew” Arete, Dienikes, Doreion, Xeones, Pirate 1, 4 hp, Init +4, DV Dodge 12, Parry 11, DR 3, Cutlass +2 1d10+1 AP2, SA: Ferocious Attack, Seamanship +1, SVs Fort +3, Ref +4, Will -1, Skills: Balance +8, Climb +5, Geography +4, Sailor +5, Spot +3, Use Rope +8, Feats: Argossean Dreamer, Weapon Focus (cutlass)

Island of the Ruins, Geography: Not far from Mainland, low waters have to actually swim there ship cannot get within a mile, rocks all look like they have been burned everything else is okay; Legend: temple to a lost god; Ancients: Ageless Sorcerer and buildings that shift to confuse and lead those who arrive; Current: Pirate Crew have brought the characters here at the behest of the sorcerer who “summoned” them through great mind powers. Crew intends to slay PCs and offer them up to the Sorcerer.

Random Encounter: Giant Squid, night, HP 34, Init +8, DV 19, DR 2, Attack/Grapple +6/+15, Tentacle +10 1d4+5, Bite +5 1d8+2, SA Improved grab, constrict, SQ Ink cloud, jet, low light vision, SVs Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +3, Skills: Escape Artist +12, Hide +12, Listen +4, Spot +6, Swim +13, Feats: Alertness, Dodge, Skill Focus Hide