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New to the board, hello and all that;

Weapons, armour, silver, status, horses, and hovels all make for good rewards but I had wondered if anyone happened to have a listing of precious common gemstones and their appropriate silver prices they relied on, that they would share.

I generally lean to using fine art, statuettes, and all that jazz as finds but I find exceptionally difficult to price these items within a conan'ish world. Any suggestion or examples would be appreciated.
I don't worry about pricing any of it; per the rules of High Living, it is not necessary. Essentially, they get loot, then they spend it and live like kings until it is gone, when they are booted out on their ear into another adventure.

We don't "role-play" shopping trips. If they have treasure, I let them have whatever equipment is appropriate. If they don't have treasure, they are out of luck. I ignore prices and silver piece equivalencies and so on.

(Is it a sign of my age that I do not have a clue what your title to this thread means? I looked up "Phat" and "Lewt" in the dictionary and came up with nothing.)
Well, I can define Phat.

Phat: Cool. (Kewl) Sweet, Groovy, Right-on, or excellent.

As in: Your new ride is Phat.

Lewt? Did you mean Lute?

As in: Hey Vincentzo that is one Phat Lute!

Do I win?
Point the first: I agree with Vincent that I like to leave treasure abstract, the PCs are either living it up are trying to scrape together enough to get by, and I have better things to do durring a game session than role-play shopping.

But thats just me...

Point the second: I miss Iron Chef, luckily for you he left this

Point the third: Phat = cool and Lewt = loot

Thank you Argo, right you are.

Yes, I barely let my players get a few nights of partying before they lose everything they found!
I've used that table from Iron Chef in my adventures. True, after the adventure it is easy to take away or add treasure but during the adventure it is nice to have names for the different gems found and/or to quantify it's value within a range and the setting. Almost all of my adventures have been connected though and if you are just playing one-time adventures or unconnected ones I can see the reasoning that quantifying the value is moot - but having the different names for each gem is still handy - not all gems are ruby or diamonds. :D

Chef has taken his thread with him it seems and is no longer even a long Chef - thanks for all the cool stuff! 8)
Strom said:
Chef has taken his thread with him it seems and is no longer even a long Chef - thanks for all the cool stuff! 8)
no, it works (at least for me). At the beginning Iron Chef posted a lot as a guest but with this ID so you may have this impression.