Pest Control


To the forum;

I'm in the process of writing an adventure called "Pest Control." What I'm asking from you guys is comments as I post parts of it on the web for opinions starting with the synopsis.

Synopsis: (Clearance: Red)

The computer has enlisted a group of experienced troubleshooters to perform a very important task: clear out the sub sectors of Alpha Complex.

To fulfill this task, the team will be required to dive into the sewer and underground sectors of Alpha Complex armed only with newly designed flame throwers. Successful completion will be gauged by the number of crispy critters.

The inside: (Clearance: Ultraviolet)

Okay game masters - here's what's really going on. One of the internal security high programmers has gone through his last clone (awww...) Several departments are vying for power and, as they do so, arranged to have some of the more knowledgeable members of their organization removed from the picture.

One of the programmers arranged a unique mission under one philosophy: Give a clone a match and he be warm for a minute. Give a clone a flamethrower and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

The 6 troubleshooters heading into the bowels of Alpha Complex are actually internal security goons who, like the title says, are the pests to control.

Since the internal security agents are all spying on other departments, they *should* be ignorant that they all have the same boss.

Here's the kicker: The mission area the team is headed to is home to a known Communist camp. The loyalty officer is a Communist and has an inkling of where the camp is. The team leader also has an idea and will be looking for the camp to eliminate the communist threat.

As they travel in the suburban world of Alpha Complex, everyone has a flamethrower! Well - almost everyone. You see, the equipment guy is bogged down with all the extra fuel for the flame throwers. Picture a person walking around with a giant tank the size of a water heater strapped to his back filled with highly flammable fuel.

This is one reason the equipment guy starts at clone 1 with everyone else at clone 2. Note, they are also all clearance orange.

That's the synopsis. What do you think? Want to hear more?
A commendable start, Citizen Rob! I suggest giving the team leader a control device that regulates the flow of fuel to each other Troubleshooter's flamethrower. However, the control device is itself flammable.

You may wish to privately inform each Internal Security player that IntSec suspects subversion in its own ranks, and thus others who claim to be IntSec agents aren't necessarily to be trusted unless they can properly return the following hand signal: (give each player a different hand signal).

If you're running the mission in Classic or Zap style, mutant rats may have befriended the Communists and may serve as spies.

An alternate title may prove more descriptive in practice than "Pest Control": "Crispy Critters."
I love the idea of the team leader with a flammable flame thrower control device. I also thought one of the orange citizens could have a mixture failure and their flamethrower could start spewing yellow flames (Which they certainly are not cleared for.)

I've been trying to consider snafu's for each role, such as the Equipment guy who has the fuel tank on his back.

One spot I ran into which I'm not sure how to handle is - I plan the characters to be in the underbelly of alpha complex for at least a day, if not 2. With that, I would want to introduce being away from the computer complications - which puts a big responsibility on the happiness officer to distribute copious amounts of narcotics.

So what about the others? Recording officer and hygiene officer who would be going crazy keeping things clean in the bowels of Alpha Complex.
The Equipment Guy wouldn't necessarily have to pass out canisters of fuel when other people run out, he could simply hook up a fuel line to his larger supply. A mob of troubleshooters all hooked up to one person makes for some itchy trigger fingers...

Maybe it could be loaded on a trolley (supermarket-style, wobbly wheels and junior citizen seat) which would of course be absolutely fine for the sludgy terrain they'll be encountering. R&D say so, so it must be true. So long as it's tough enough to withstand a badly-aimed flamethrower shot and doesn't blow up immediately, it sounds like fun.
Okay folks, Crispy Critters (Still in the production phase) is oging to be run at Carnage in the Mountains 9 ( I'll be playtesting it a week ebfore and then running it full at the con. If it works out, I'll post the whole adventure here.

SO far I have some fun adventrues with rats, PLC and liberal communist hippie farmers.

THe adventure is almosty solely in the underplex so if you had any fun ideas for side adventres or oddities in the underplex by all means, contribute.

-- Toombs
I didn;t want to do this piecemeal but I suppose bombarding the forum with an entire adventure at once would lead to fewer people reading it.

“Crispy Critters” GM overview.

The tragic loss of Internal Security’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Frank-U-BXR-18 in an unexpected refresher accident has led the remaining members of the board of directors to vie for the top position.

This is done, in many of their eyes, by showing friend Computer that they are more capable of managing a larger bureaucracy than the others. For many, this means reducing the other members of the board of directors own bureaucratic structure to make their own look larger.

As a result, an unusual number of dangerous troubleshooting missions have been initiated into the darker regions of Alpha Complex. By coincidence or design, the troubleshooters in many of these missions are members of Internal Security’s various departments.

Three days ago the computer received a report from HPD&MC on the status of the Underplex. That report indicated an infestation of vermin capable of spreading filth throughout Alpha Complex.

Immediately friend Computer initiated a series of troubleshooter missions to enter into the bowels of the Underplex to eradicate the vermin infestation.

In the past two standard days, 37 troubleshooter teams have entered into the bowels of the Underplex and failed to return. After careful analysis of the limited data received, friend Computer has commissioned R&D to release a new vermin eradication system to assist in what the Computer considers an infestation of epic proportions and has attributed the failure of previous missions to incomprehensible unsanitary conditions.

The adventure begins with yet another group of troubleshooters with ties in Internal Security and their task to pick up equipment from PLC and R&D.
looking good.

also try making a few weapons up too ( i know there are a load weapons and items in parania but i like to keep my player on there toes with new stuff not in the books), like a flaming glove :wink: , which is a glove that as a little cartridge of flamable liquid which can set the glove alight so the trouble shooter can burn traitors upclose :roll: , well the disadvantages well you would need the right clearance :wink: