Paranoia XP errata?!? + question re. "old" adventu


Greetings, All! Brand-new to the forum today! :D I KNOW the thought is treasonous since all versions of the Paranoia rules are perfect, 8) BUT is there a posting of any official errata in the XP rulebook anywhere? Clearly errors would be due to some insidious commie plot, of course... :wink:

I'm a 52-year-old long-time gamer who has played Paranoia (2nd Ed.) exactly ONCE!!! :oops: As a school teacher, I look forward to some "extra" gaming in the summer and I have a few folks who are after me to finally run some sessions of that XP game that I bought as soon as it was released!!! Just wondering if the gremlins struck the first printing of the book anywhere.........

ALSO, are the older adventures compatible with XP? (This is likely covered in a part of the book I haven't READ yet!!!) If they're not, any tricks to converting them? I know some of the oldies are being re-released soon. Should I just wait and buy the upgraded versions or are they truly upgraded?!?!?

Thanks much for helping an old newbie!!! :wink:

Welcome back to Alpha Complex, Dan! You can find a list of the PARANOIA XP rulebook's first-printing errata -- or more accurately, corrections made to the "Service Pack One" second printing -- as a free .PDF download on the Mongoose site:

The old West End PARANOIA adventures aren't technically compatible with the new XP edition rules, but of course, with the irresponsible high-handedness of Famous Game Designers, we encourage all Gamemasters to ignore any numbers they don't like and make up their own. If that prospect doesn't excite you, the imminent PARANOIA Flashbacks 256-page hardcover lightly updates the best of the old West End line to the new XP rules. Nothing major -- if you have all the old versions, you can get by with those -- but the book does include new XP versions of the old skills, as well as a new introductory orientation mission by Jeff Groves for newly recruited Troubleshooters, "Pre-PARANOIA."

To follow all things paranoid, check the XP development blog ( In addition to supporting this worthy Mongoose forum, you may also enjoy the very active forums on the leading PARANOIA fan site, (
Thanks a lot, Allen! Gee, nothing like getting my info. from the source!!! :D SWEEEEET!!! Looking forward to some good times in Alpha Complex...and I believe I'll plan to pick up Flashbacks when it arrives at my friendly local game shop.

Thanks again!