Paranoia Miniature Game?

Big Evil

This idea has been swarming around my head, why not make a Paranoia miniature game?

AttackTix has the perfect "class system" seperated into two categories. Class and alliance. IE: Your colour clerance and your secret society.

And if you make it like AttackTix where they're more like action figures then say heroclix, it deffinitely has that Zap! Feel.. In AttackTix the mainpoint of the game is to "knockdown" other figurines.

I'm sure the increddible creative team could find some way to make Paranoia miniature game differant from AttackTix, (most likely implementing a d20) AttackTix isn't fun, Paranoia's fun, buy Paranoia figurines!

Mark Dunder

Might work, I like HeroClix. You would have to use cards like Star Wars, things have to be kept secret. Although Clearance Level could be shown by a plastic ring around the base. I think a random mapping system where squares can be layed down to create different layouts may work well, something like Zombies.

Good idea. MG makes Paranoia miniatures, right? If they worked up a way to make plastic ones to use as a mini game, that would be great!


darth_azabrush said:
Oooooooooooooooh! Large Mark IV mini! :twisted:

Yeah, it sounds cool on paper. But to be on the same scale, wouldn't it have to be about the same size as refrigerator?


I'm a bit dubious about this. In my opinion, it would really fail to capture the factors which make PARANOIA special. A miniatures game makes it MUCH harder to inculcate those feelings of futility, hopelessness, and...well, paranoia, which the original game tries to go for (in Straight and Classic editions). Admittedly this might work for Zap (hell, ANYTHING will work for Zap), but what's the point?

What I mean by the last bit is that I don't see what good a PARANOIA minis game would do. If you want the PvP action of HeroClix, then a better choice might (appropriately enough) be HeroClix. In my opinion, PARANOIA does not translate well to nonwritten mediums (such as a minis game/wargame, or even the cardgame that was released earlier).


Indeed. Wouldn't a miniatures-based game make this far more combat-oriented? Paranoia is more about roleplaying your troubleshooter, not blowing your enemies to smithereens. Er... you know what I mean...


Cosmic Mongoose
What about this...

The 'characters' can spend points on cards representing favors (blackmailed a higher clearance goon or something) or something your secret society has put in place to help you...

Basic stats are on the card for the character then option cards for weapons, maybe missions and of course the secret societies, mutation etc.