Paranoia Holiday Evil


I'm prepping to run a pair of intertwining Paranoia games for Dexcon in NJ and though I'd post here to see if any one can give me some more evil ideas for it. Basicly the two adventures are twin teams of trouble shooters. One's trying to stop the Romantics from bringing the first Holiday to Alpha Complex the other is the romantics who have been ordered to bring a holiday:
So far ideas I've had of complications:
The Romantics being told they're supposed to sacrafice a virgin although no one really knows what this is
painting red corridors with green stripes and vice versa
bringing tall poles in from Outdoor complex(chrismass trees)
Carving Jack O Lantern
Any more thoughts?
Who's that obese RED citizen striding down the corridor, throwing boxes at passing INFRAREDs? He looks like some kind of traitor -- he's trimmed his jumpsuit with white! What are these boxes -- they're covered with some kind of brightly colored paper, too many clearances to sort out -- don't touch them, they're probably explosives!

Who lit this line of thin wax cylinders on fire? Doesn't the idiot know an open flame will trigger the halon fire suppressor routines--- [PSSSSHHHHHH!] Yaaaah!

I just heard a rumor -- it's some kind of HPD&MC reward program, or something like that. The boxes contain free food! Quick, get all your INFRARED co-workers to rush to find the RED guy and claim all the boxes! We'll corner the market and resell them. What? Riot? Well, if there's a riot, that's just something HPD will have to record in its report.