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If you like the Conan system but want to experiment with a more Tolkienesque setting, the Wilderlands of High Fantasy from Judges Guild/Necromancer Games would be a good bet. Classic swords & sorcery feel with elves and dwarves and such.

I'm running just such a campaign now.

You can find out more on the Wilderlands at:




My campaign log can be found here:

Iron_Chef said:
That is the LAMEST thing I have ever heard. Why, oh why, must EVERY d20 fantasy world include all D&D playable races? It's ridiculous. I will NEVER buy any setting that does that. Imagine the controversy if Green Ronin's "Testament" had included biblical elves, dwarves, halflings, and orcs? LOL.

Amen to that! :lol:

- thulsa

PS. I will probably end up buying Hamunaptra anyway, just because I'm interested in all things Egyptian, and to mine it for ideas to use in my Hyborian campaign.
I'm using some of the lower level adventures, and adapting them to Conan. Low-level adventures are often better since they rely on fewer superantural opponents.

For instance, I'm currently running an adapted version of the "Mad God's Key" from Dungeon 115 - with some changes of course. For instance, the adventure begins not by trying to stop a robbery, but by robbing a store themselves only to find that the place has already been robbed.