Other Conan Works


So I've read all the original Howard stories like three times over, and have avoided anything that's not Howard like the plague, execpt for the new DH comics which are brillantly illustrated, and, Giant grey north-folk not withstanding, hew close to the original material in theme and feel. Everthing would be fine except I stopped at my local used bookstore, and what do they have but a few shelves of Conan novels for a buck a piece. Now I was wondering what're the best non-Howard Conan works, I know several threads have mentioned which ones are to be avoided, but are there any tha stick close to the look and feel created by Howard in his original work.
I read the road of kings by Karl Wagner. That was not bad.

(I also like deCamp so take that for what it is worth)

I would also like to ask who is a good "sword and sorcery" writer.
I enjoyed_most_of the " early " pastiches at the time DeCamp/Carter/Offut/ Wagner/Anderson but gave up when the Jordan's started - they bored me off reading pasthiches.

However I heard that John Hocking's Emerald Lotus was getting good reviews so I read that and thoroughly enjoyed it .

How about , instead of reading second rate Conan trying , if you've not already , some of Howard's other stuff . Del Rey have put out Solomon Kane , with Bran Mak Morn due May . Plus there's a wide range of his writings now available from Wildside Press and Biso Books.

I am currently reading Turtledove's Conan of Varlaria. (sp?) It is not bad but does not read at all like Howard.
CoV is a rather dull 'origin' tale for Conan in my opinion. The Dark Horse comic's 'Born on the Battlefield" tale is much better but the way it is being told, each installment comes out once every 7-8 months. We'll all likely be 3-5 years older before we see it all....

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