Opportunity-class Light Trader is now available!

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The Opportunity-class Light Trader is now available for sale at Drive-thru RPG and at the Independence Games webstore.

DTRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/327130/Opportunityclass-Light-Trader?affiliate_id=7330

IG Webstore: https://independencerpgs.com/collections/new/products/opportunity-class-light-trader

Fast and reliable!

Introduced into service in 2330, the Opportunity-class was Corolys Shipbuilding Company’s entry into the light trader market. The designers of the ship focused on high thrust in-system drive and maximizing the cargo space in the smallest starship hull size available.

The Opportunity is a 100-tonne light trader which is found throughout Earth Sector. This book contains all seven variants of the ship including the Maximus-class (with greater cargo capacity), the Dispatch-class (which is used as a fast courier), and the Star Reach-class (which has enough fuel for two transits).

The Opportunity is beautifully presented with multiple views, detailed deckplans, and full statistics. While the Opportunity is specifically designed for the Earth Sector setting, each of the ships could easily be used in other Cepheus or 2d6 SF RPG settings if needed.

Climb aboard! Adventure awaits!