oops..The Direction Lone Wolf is going

also if you want detail the brilliant tower of the sun fansite is full of such detail I would more like to see a huge epic campain as 4 soft backs or a couple of hardbacks or a box set know it would be a must buy especally if approved by joe 8) as I belive all the line is 8)
I agree with Sabbak: The epic Warhammer series of scanerios were a superb blend of adventure and background material, like the trading rules and information in the Death on the Reik scenario.

it would be easy enough to produce a box set with enough of background (possibly including new classes) and adventure material to please both sides of the class vs background argument.
columbob said:
A complete LWd20 campaign would rock so much...or an epic series like they did for Slaine. I like the way you're thinking old boy. :lol:

That would definitely be TREMENDOUS! :wink:

Let's dream... let's dream... :?
There seems to be two, major, camps here. Setting vs Rules. Me, I personally want both. I want the classes (Especially a Mongoose/Dever approved Grandmaster Kai class since I don't have as much interest in the time line the books are set in, but rather the time line of the actual game books) but I also want the setting. Even though I don't USE the setting, I adore Lone Wolf. I want to read about the setting for my own enjoyment. For the love of all that Joe Dever started. Here "across the pond" in the States most people I know don't know about Lone Wolf at all, unless they have heard me rave about it. The gaming store I go to orders everything in the line specifically for me, as nobody else has ever even asked about it. The people I Role Play with have other interests in terms of worlds to RP on. So information on the setting is MY indulgence. Something I want, and use to flesh out my character's backgrounds (Travel between planes is not unheard of within our games). The classes I rather need as I actually use those. But ultimately, a book that provides setting and classes, is ideal for me. It gives me the best of both worlds, stuff I can use and things I just want, and ultimately as a result more bang for my buck.
Silent Wolf said:
There seems to be two, major, camps here. Setting vs Rules. Me, I personally want both.
Let me second that. I definetely like having more setting background material, but I cannot stress how important it is for me to have that plus more options for character development. A good mix of the two makes Frukathka a very happy camper.