Hey guys, I know this was kicked around on other parts of the board, but I thought I'd put it out here. Possibilities include:

- PBP on this board, possibly multiple games for different factions using true stats/dice/etc.

-PBP elsewhere: Either using "formal" or freeform

-Freeform PBEM

I'd be willing to run all three, though I'd need technical assitance and a website for the latter two. IDeas?
If you ask Monoose nicely I'm sure they'll let you have a PbP on the forums here, there are 3 going on already, B5, SST and Slaine.

i just posted to Essential Wars to try and get a section of their boards so I could run the games. If anyone is iterested head on over and tell them you would like to play if they set things up.
There is now a Wars RPG forum on the Essential Wars forums. I can open up a section where people can post content as well. Let me know what you guys need. :)