OGL Steampunk + OGL Horror=?


I know that with the release of "Van Helsing", I'm not the only one thinking about combining the two. So how about it, in a world that includes Victorian Age subs, planes, tanks and travels to the center of the earth, is there room for Dracula, werewolves, ghouls, and other supernatural creatures?
As if I did not have enough reasons to buy this book. Now you have to tease me with the possibility that characters could play supernatural beings?
Would it be possible to run a setting along the lines of Kim Newman's, Anno Dracula, series?
kiln publications said:
There definitely is. You can work werewolves, vampires and ghouls into any scenario, it is doesn't mean it will turn out dumb!

Nor does it mean that if it does turn out dumb it won't be fun. I saw Van Helsing this week... speaking of 'dumb & fun'... A terrible movie, but I had a blast.

The Auld Grump
Okay, I admit, having seen the movie, that it wasn't dumb, just hard to keep up with and understand. Other than that I thoroughly enjoy the action and carnage.
I was kind of pi**ed that the vampire got beat by a werewolf! :( Should have been the other way around.

The vamp chicks were hot as hell though; especially the blackhaired babe with the sexy accent.