OGL and Translation


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Hi everybody,
I'd like to ask some questions about the Legend OGL and translating it to all of you, especially those who worked, work or are working on material using the Legend OGL.
So, here's my situation : I've been translating a few materials and books of Legend as an amateur for about 7 years now. I begun with Spells of Legend 2 (can't wait for the 3.0 XD), and then I jumped on Arms of Legend, I telled it to M.Sprange and when i finished, Mongoose edited it and published it on Drivethru accounting me with some loyalties, whatever i don't do that for money. Since then I carried on with the translation of the books, I did it with the two Arcania of Legend and Samurai of Legend with another fellow translator. We sent Samurai of Legend to Mongoose like 4 years ago now, and since then no editing, I never sent the two Arcania (but made personal copies via Lulu.

Here's finally my questions !!!!
Since Legend is an OGL, can I decide to publish the translations of the books (without the illustrations) by myself ? And if I do, I know that I've to put the OGL terms at the end of the books but have I to modify them ?
I'd like also an advice, because I'm working on my setting using Legend (for about 8 years now, I'm too busy XD), is it better to put all the rules of Legend I'm using in the book, or to put only the essential and asking to refer to the original books ?

Thanks by advance, and sorry for my english (I don't write it very often)
Foreign language publishing rights are a weird area - many RPG publishers license the rights to produce material in other languages to local third-party publishers. Some RPG systems produced under the OGL have trademark compatibility licenses limiting the ability of third-parties to publish their own translations of official material. Despite this, the compatibility licence for Legend is very liberal. It seems to permit this activity. However, it wouldn't hurt to reach out to Matt about this - we don't want to tread on the toes of future Mongoose plans.

Even if it is OK, I would recommend making sure you understand the Open Game Licence before you release anything. Matt Finch (of Swords & Wizardry fame) is a practising lawyer who produced an excellent series of videos explaining how to use the licence correctly from a legal perspective:

Set aside an hour and you will know more about using the OGL correctly than 90% of publishers!