Off Topic: Star Smuggler: A Possible New Game In Development


I recently acquired a copy of Star Smuggler, a solo Traveller type game where you play the character of Duke Springer and try to make your fortune (and ends meet) as a smuggler plying the galaxy and transporting often elicit cargo.

The game was created in the early 1980's and can be downloaded for free at:

When actually trying to play this I quickly came to the conclusion that:
1. It is way too complex in places where the rules should be simpler.
2. It is nearly impossible to win.
3. I think that I could develop a better more player friendly game myself.

With the last statement in mind I am seriously considering developing my own version of this type with various starting scenarios and the possibility of multi play.

Would this be something that you would be interested in playing?
What features or game mechanics do you think should be included?
Should I try for an official Traveller license or make up my own worlds?
How far into detail should the game go? (Please give examples.)
Would you play such a game?
Would you purchase it and at what price range?