NPC Class: Psychic Adept for your perusal.


Working on the Chasm of Doom, I noticed that Barakka, like many prominent NPCs in the series, has psychic abilities. Unfortunately, there are no NPC classes that are really capable of emulating this, except for very dedicated Adepts. Being a skilled warrior, I couldn't make Barakka a 14th level Adept just for the psychic attack. So, I've thrown together a Psychic Adept class.

Psychic Adept

End Die: d6

Weapon and Armour Proficiencies: All one-handed weapons.

Skill Points per Level: 5 + Int Modifier

Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Knowledge (any), Occult, Profession, Survival

Good Saves: Will

Willpower: Half Wisdom at level 1. +1d4 per level for levels 2 through 10, +1d6 per level for levels 11 through 20.

A Psychic Adept's willpower score refreshes by an amount equal to half his Charisma score each day at midnight.

Mindblast: Gains a Tier at each of levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.
Psi Surge: Gains a Tier at each of levels 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

Focus: 1/day at level 15.

Erect a Shield: Level 3

Instinctive Shield: Level 7

Additionally, although Psychic Adepts do not gain spells, they may add half their class level to their Base Magical Combat Skill, and have the same Magical Damage progression as an Adept. Naturally, this benefit is only of use if the Psychic Adept also has levels in a spell-using class.
You could just use the Adept class and give him Mindblast, of course. (Actually, I would recommend the Dark Cultist class from The Darklands)
There are a few problems with just an Adept + Mindblast - Willpower isn't gained until level 3, the magical talents aren't necessarily relevant, and shields only come very late in the piece.

Taking another look at the Adept, though, I have noticed that my Psychic Adept is actually badly off on the Willpower front. I think I'll up the starting Willpower to full Wisdom score, and the refresh amount to full Charisma score. Focus should also be gained at 11th, instead of 15th.

Which means it is very close to the Adept, just tweaked a bit. Which was always my intention.
Yah the dark cultists are quite good. In terms of the psychic adept, I like the idea. Though an Adept with Mindblast would do the best.

elSpike out.