Novel Bugs

Well the bugs from the movie & CCG cartoon are not really like the bugs from the novel. Are there going to be any bugs like they are in the novel?
If you are talking about bugs carrying separate weapons such as beam weapons etc. There has been no word on that.

It seems to me (personal opinion only) that Mongoose has decided to go the Biologically engineered species as weapons route for the Arachnids deverlopment in the game.

As a clearly defining difference between the MI's and the Skinnies' and Arachnid's style of play and style of Army organizations it works well as a game.

Other than that I am not sure exactly which part of the very general comments in the book about the Arachnids you are referencing.
They could do an 'option' for Book Bugs, without destroying the Film/Animation themed game they have created.

Human/Bug Hybrids from the Animated Series. They are more like the Bugs from the book, just give them Weapon options.
an easy way to simulate it without destroying the bug organic weapon path theyve chosen

allow warrior squads to attach 1 Blaster Bug per 5 warriors to the squad

thus a 15 large squad would have 3 'novel' warriors with 'rifles' and generally it would allow you to avoid losing the blaster bugs