Non-Chronological Campaigning


My NAMELESS CULTS wiki is back up at with my Call of Cthulhu-set-in-Hyborea notes and adventures.

As part of that project, I'm working on an article on non-chronological campaigning, running the game in the manner Howard told his Conan tales. The first draft can be seen at and any and all feedback or ideas are welcome.

Thanks folks!
Good things out there.

On the non chronological campaign stuff: I have thought before about it, and will only do incidentally as it would detract from the thrill of the campaign. If PCs started, say at 18 lvl, there would be fewer tension as they adventured at 3rd level. However, I could start players at 5 lvl and make them play in the future a 2 lvl adventure which further stablishes their origins.

Incidentally I have an adventure which I never got to run where some Lovecraftian horror stars which I will probably play as a "prequel" for its second part. However, I know the difficulty level for the "prequel" is adequate enough to grant that PCs will at most lose some FPs. And I will only do this to better establish their hatred against the uber-villain of the show (a spawn from one of the Outer Gods).