Noble vs Nomad

René said:
Social ability rules crash sometimes with reality (or what Hyborian reality demands): look at Conan himself who is said in "Aquilonia" to have the Black Dragons as followers. These are tough guys of at least 5th level, but the Leadership rules make them to a gang of 1 level recruits mostly.

So compromises must be made (I have no Noble in my group, so this problem occurs not to me :wink: )

This is why I have completely reworked the Leadership table to fit with my conception of what is powerful and what is weak in the Conan world.

The Leadership table assumes anyone with more than a couple levels is exceptional. I do not consider this to be the case with Conan, or even with default D&D, and consider the Leadership table to be fundamentally flawed in this regard.

That being the case (or not, people are welcome to disagree), it is still important to recognise that the Leadership table only provides a character's most loyal followers. There is no reason a character could not have any combination of other followers that are slightly or greatly more fickle.