Next Generations and a black, black future...

homerjsinnott said:
Wulf Corbett said:
The 'lighter' and simpler a ruleset that still allows me to achieve a realistic (for the setting) result, the better.
I disagree strongly, While I dislike rule heavy systems I also dislike rule lite systems. The system is often and always should be, a reflection of the world. L5r for example. Rule lite doesn't always equal great world.

...A system should be flexible but with enough bones to add flesh to the world itself, the terminology of a system can do this.
So, in other words, you agree with me entirely?

t-tauri said:
Working out 20% and 5% of numbers mentally is beyond today's children. Hell, most of them can't add or subtract in their heads, never mind multiply or divide.

I wonder what they'd make of Chivalry and Sorcery. :)

I can do university level math, but even still I think the design of hârnmaster is brilliant here.

Rolls divisible by five are special. If you roll under your skill and divisible by fire, it's a special* success, if it's over, it's a special* failure.

20% chanse, but no calculating the percentages.

Dividing things by five and twenty are not automatical mental arithmetic tricks, and as the percentages change (wounds, spell effects, fatigue) you have to keep calculating them. That was never a favorite part of the system for me.
Crichton said:
What is worse, in Spain they are adapting the model to the UK model, and we are experiencing the results, which is what I'm denouncing. In fact, all of the EU will do eventually, to approach the american system. And there we are, drifting towards the so called "globalization" and unique thought... :cry:

Speaking from the country the rest of the EU is mostly trying to learn from (Finland), I must say it must be bad elsewhere for us to be the best :(

And what's worse, our current success is based on the fact that schools and universities had good funding before the recession in the end of the eighties. During the recession a huge amount of money was slashed from the edjucation budjets, and now especially the universities are disasterously underfunded. We still do crack research (because the faculti people are dedicated, and have so far put up with unreasonable conditions) but I sure hope the rest of the EU won't try to copy our education budjet!

-Adept, a finnish academic