News on A Call to Arms: Star Fleet!

The Starline 2500 Heavy Command Cruiser is now available:
Steve Cole reports: we're working on this project every day, almost every hour of every day. I'm jumping on every report when it arrives and fix it.

The plan is as follows...

1. Sometime in November, probably in the first half of November, we'll PDF post the BASIC ACTASF1.2 BOOK REVISION A to Drive Thru. This will not include some non-game elements (How to paint minis, background, art, and some other stuff, but will have all of the rules and all of the ships. This will be a PAY WHAT YOU WANT book and will be available for a limited time not less than 90 days. Don't consider that an iron clad promise, but I'm working as hard as I can to make PDF DAY be next week (between the 11th and 15th).

2. Anybody who bought the hardcopy book and was promised a replacement PDF with the rules fixed will be told to go get the BASIC ACTASF1.2 BOOK.

3. As reports and comments roll in, we'll update the book BASIC ACTASF1.2 BOOK REVISION A to revision B, C, D, as needed, no quicker than once a week.

4. Working in small bites around Captain's Log #50, we will add the art and other elements to the on-harddisk copy.

5. At some point probably 90 or more days from PDF DAY, we'll post the DELUXE BASIC ACTASF1.2 BOOK which will include the background, art, photos, painting guide, maps, etc. This will be at the normal price.

6. At some point probably 30 or more days from DELUXE DAY, we'll start printing and selling hard copies.
A Call to Arms: Star Fleet update! SVC wrote: Minutes ago, I emailed the ACTA staff the "final staff draft" which is the complete BASIC ACTASF-1.2 document. (Ok, technically, they got the ships a few days ago and I haven't done the four pages of background and two pages of painted ships that the BASIC book gets, but the staff doesn't need to playtest that stuff.)

In theory, they'll do their final checks of all of the parts that have been "in motion" for the last week and get me reports by Monday.

We're still on track to get the BASIC 1.2 REVISION A document uploaded next week. Unless the staff finds something REALLY problematic, that will happen by the end of Tuesday. (Hailing Frequencies goes out Tuesday night at 5:45 and we want to include the link.)

The basic book fulfills the promise of a PDF to replace the hardback book. It will only be on DriveThru and it will be a PAY WHAT YOU WANT document. It will be there at least 90 days but we haven't decided if we will eventually take it down or charge for it. We do expect to replace Revision A within Revision B at some point, depending on how many things you report to us. There might even be a Revision C and D and so forth if you keep finding stuff. Each revision might include an extra piece of art or some other bonus.

The Revision-A book we upload will be FINISHED and complete but we make no claim that it is PERFECT. The reality is that 1,000 players will find something in the first weekend that a dozen staffers missed in five or six separate drafts. So if you find something you think is wrong, tell us, and we'll make it right (which might meant we just explain in the FAQ section why it is correct as it is).

Sometime next year the DELUXE book will be put on the PDF sites (for the normal price) and it will include the 45-60 pages of background and painting guides and tactics not included in the BASIC book.