Newbie asking for help

Hi everyone
First of all i would like to say as a newbie to the forum that i enjoy the banter that i have been reading lately as wether Mrq is as good, better as the old RQ2/3 system.I`ve played both for a long time now and like them as the best RPG game going. The new MRQ also has a lot going for it but unfortuntly for Glorantha i won`t be using it as even thougth i like the new magic system it just dosen`t suit my players demands in that world.
THe good point thougth it lends its self well to ither worlds and it is in this that i could do with some help.I`ve been working on a Conan based system and have re wrote the Combat Charts to reflect damage to weapons and a more rounded combat (i believe).Unfortuntly i don`t seem to be able to upload them to the forum for debate and was wondering if some one could take pity and help me out
Thanks for reading this and i hope to hear from you
I'm not sure what you want to do, but if you have a jpg of the charts then upload it to anothe rsite and reference it here using the [ Img ] tag or link to it by using the