New SST Opponent Finder Thread needed


Somebody ought to start off a new opponent finder thread to replace the one that's already up there.

In an opponent finder thread, the VERY FIRST piece of information listed should be your LOCATION, so that people can easily scan down the thread looking for people nearby. Nobody cares what your name is! LOL!
Maybe even 2 new threads. . . one Europe opponent finder, one US opponent finder to make it even easier.
If people had read the instructions on the last one it would have been ok... you were meant to quote the person before you and add your name to the list in the order it would occur, but hat seems to have lasted about three pages...
Definatly need a European and a US list as well though.
Awesome, I thought the sticky one at the top was this one :oops:
But yeah, thats a far better way of doing things.
Maybe we could get a mod to swap the stickies?