New Rules and Models you want to see next

Which Race would you like to see have rules and models for it next

  • Dilgar

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  • Drakh

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  • Other Ancients (Kirishiac/Triad/Walkers etc.)

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  • Hyach

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  • Lumati

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  • Yolu

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  • another race not mentioned in list above

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i wanted to know what rules and models you would want to see brought out next.

i personally would want to see the Drakh have rules for because they are a perfect enemy for the ISA to fight against
Before new races, I rather prefer the current ones 'fleshed out', by adding the 'missing' ships like the Earth Alliance Chronos Corvette (the Olympus successor) and Delphi scout which did / do excist in Fleet Action scale, but not in B5W scale (as far as I know off)...
Agreed, I want the existing fleets finished off. As Narn player i really, really want a Dag'Kar. I can only guess my regular oponnets are bribing Mongoose not to produce one.
i would like to see 'early' ea for dilgar and ea-minbari war stuff. they must have had more early versions of ships than are avaliable in the current lists
Before new minis come out there are still two from the A Call to Arms Boxed set that Mongoose does not have listed as being available from them..

Dag'Kar Missile Frigate


Lakara Cruiser
i assume they have the AOG moulds, so my bet is Dilgar, Ancients, Civilians and the remaing core ships first before they start making new ones from scratch.
Though i'd like to see the EA advanced ships, Dilgar and Drakh, personnally I'd like to see ship components first.

Come, please, all I need is a big bucket of Omega, Olympus, Nova and Warlock turrets
I should think that the other League Races would be an obvious next release, just because they're from the same time period as the current game. Completing the current range is always a good idea, though. :)

If Mongoose releases Dilgar and 'early' EA (for the Dilgar War) it would seem to me a good time to release a small campaign book for the time period, with alternate fleet lists for various races. (Obviously Mimbari wouldn't be much different, but the League and EA would be, and Narn might not even exist yet? I don't recall how long they've been free) Kind of a 'prequel campaign' that might be a good alternate project once they've run down most of the models and rules for the main game.
The Narns were around for the Dilgar war, they however decided to be "neutral", as in didnt take sides but helped both when it suited them to help them.
I want to see

Hyach, Pak'Ma'Ra, Yolu, Gaim, Llort basically the races we saw in the League during Council meetings on B5

I also would like to see Dilgar and 2230 era EA and league forces to fight them. A campaign book would be great.

Only after that the other ancients and other races
I'm another one who would rather have the existing fleets fleshed out with more minis as appropriate.

Dilgar I feel would be more a "historical" sort of race, perhaps for an expansion with appropriate rules for historical scenarios.

Races such as IA and Raiders I feel need something to fill them out and make them less "samey". I know there's the varients but even still.

My personal fav is the Ipsha, haha.
I voted for the Ancients, because I like to have the coolest guys around (and the Walkers are Too Spiffy For Words).

However, I'd also like to see some up-gunned civilian ships or even some older, small ships to represent the Rangers to supplement the ISA fleet ships a la "To Live and Die in Starlight".
Why would there be new models for Dilgar War era ?

Based of the rather extensive AoG books on the subject we'd have

Nova, Hyperion, Avenger, Olympus.

Based of the service dates in Book 2 add the Artemis and Oracle (probably some others but i don't fiddle around with patrol level stuff.)

All it would require would be less advanced stats for the ships, though to be honest most of the differences that are mentioned by AoG (sensors communications, targeting, power supply) are a little beyond to scope of ACtA. But anything other than the awful Hyperion assault would be a start.

Aside from that rules for the Starfury Nova(less potent stated version of the Aurora) and the Tiger (probably faster than the nova but with less guns, crap in a dog fight, but carrying missiles.) And all we need then are the Dilgar themselves and some League to get stomped on.