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Johannixx said:
Iron_Chef said:
1) Wachowski Bros. lost rights to do Conan movie because they were too busy with crappy Matrix sequels.

The Wachowski bros. lost all my respect after Matrix: Reloaded, and even more after Matrix: Revolutions.

Iron_Chef said:
2) Arnold can't do King Conan because of his new job as Der Fuehrer of Kalifornia (soon to be President Ahnold if he gets his way and amends the US Constitution).

He'll never get that amendment passed, guaranteed. Not in today's culture of rampant nationalism and paranoia. The relative benefits or drawbacks of this arguement don't really belong on a gaming forum, though, so I'll leave it at that ;)

Iron_Chef said:
3) Arnold could do King Conan but in a much smaller capacity, with The Rock playing Prince Conn and being the *gag* focus of the film.

That... That's just hideous. Hideous and so very very wrong on far too many levels.

No, they need Milius, Poledouris and Mako. Nothing else will do.

Mako was okay in CtB, but bad in CtD. I for one don't particularly care if he returns. I'd much rather see Subotai (Gerry Lopez) back, but am ambivalent about that, too. Poledouris must do the soundtrack!!!