New Online Tournament Entry

It'll be next tuesday at the earliest. We're probably going to restart, because the game was taking forever and Vassal was jerking us about... We'll likely play the 5 point skirmish option in the interests of speed.


David/Jay - how was the game going? If things were level I understand you wanting to just get on with it in a new game, especially if your flow of thought was disrupted before.


We'd both destroyed 1 ship each and a few others had crits on both sides. I think Lord David had a slight advantage on crits and positoning. Then messages between us started to lag and we lost contact.
I'm happy to proceed as Lord David likes , continuation, restart or restart with 5pt Skirm.
The 5 point skirmish option is easier for me. That game had already taken 2 hours to play 3 turns and when it all started to go belly-up I became quite apathetic about the whole thing...

In fact I anticipate playing most games at 5 point skirmish to avoid this problem...


Anyone want to play one of our game (or for that matter just a random one off game) today? Im free as of...... now :p

Im on GMT but will be up late probably so any time between now and about 11pm GMT Im good to start just send me a PM if you want to play (I'll play anyone who wants a game but priority will obviously go to proper tourney games if more than one person wants to play)
You know... if we all just refused to go onto BST next time around, the government would be stuffed. They'd have to abolish the whole moronic practice...

Let's do it. :p


If anybody has the courage to face my Drazi over the weekend message me!! :shock: :twisted:

We Drazi No U Afraid!! :lol:


I'm up for a romp with the drazi, or anyone else. I'll be sitting in vassal if I have time for a game, so pop by if you want to play. Sorry if this isnt the right thread to put this in, but I haven't seen another more suited for it. :)


Riegen's EA thought they had balls to defeat my Drazi!! However he conceded at begining of Turn 4.!!
A good game, but Drazi squadrons and init sinks were the winner. He still had 2 Hyperions and an Omega left unhurt. ( i destroyed his 2 Olymp).
I had 7 Strikehawks and 2 Warbirds left. (3 heavy damage,2 light).
The momentum was with the Drazi and positionally Turn 4 would have had EA at a big disadvantage.

Coming to a galazy near u Soon!! :shock: :D :lol: 8)