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Hello folks, I'm back again with another online tournament for you all. I've taken in a lot of what people have said about the previous tournament, particularly about length of game and time zone, and come up with a few new ideas too. This tournament will be carried out primarily online, using Geekybiker's Vassal mod although if you live close enough to the other player in real life then feel free to play on a real table! The organisation will primarily be by myself to allocate who plays whom and up to the players (i.e. you) to arrange a time to play.

If you're interested in signing up for this tournament please post below but also read the rest of this thread! If you have any comments on the format please post here/PM me so that we can look at the issues.

To play, there are a few prerequisites that you need to look after. Firstly you need to download Vassal, java and Geekybiker's Call to Arms mod. Then follow the instructions or PM me (or Geekybiker if you have a specific question about his mod) to ensure that you can run everything alright. Needless to say, you also need an internet connection to play the game in realtime (rather than by e-mail).

There will be spaces for a maximum of 16 players and the tournament uses 5 point Battle, Raid and Skirmish level fleets as per the tournament fleet lists (and Drakh supplement):

A Call to Arms Tournament Pack

Be advised that the following two changes will be in effect from the tournament lists:

The Shadow Hunter is hull 5
The EA Sagittarius is a Raid level choice

If both players agree then they can play a Skirmish level game (particularly recommended if playing transatlantic) or a Battle level game (only recommended if you have a full day to play the game) but if there is no agreement then please default to Raid level for the game. This option is meant to give you choice rather than to try and catch your opponent out, also it's there to give you something else to try that's fun.

Your fleets will be chosen in advance and sent in a PM to me before the tournament begins and cannot be altered after the tournament begins. All three fleet choices have to be from the same race but can use completely different ship choices if you want. Matchups will probably be in one large group with everyone playing everyone or split into two groups if there are enough players. The precise format of the tournament is to be confirmed as this obviously depends on numbers entering. I will generate a fixture list and post it here and e-mail/PM people with their next game. It's then up to you to organise a suitable time for you to play each other within the week and unless you let me know that you'll be unavailable in advance, an unplayed game will score zero points each (if you can demonstrate that you have made every effort and your opponent hasn't then it will be a 20-0 forfiture). The first game will be as soon as we have a confirmed entry list.

Missions will be determined according to the Tournament Pack and terrain randomly generated as described in the main rules. Once the result is known, PM or e-mail me the result (number of victory points to each player) and feel free to post your matches and battle reports on the Mongoose forums.

Points will be scored simply by the victory points table in the Tournament Pack and are out of a maximum of 20 points per game.

Right that sums up the rules set, if you're interested and want to sign yourself up then please post below and if you have any questions then please also post them below. If you've signed up then PM me your fleet choices and it will stay secret until the tournament begins (or until you post it yourself).
What better way to learn David?

Jay - I thought you knew that the Shadows ruled the galaxy [mwuhahahahahahahahahaha]

BTW, can I have your timezone/locations please for future players (I think I remember everyone's who's posted so far...) I'll PM my fleet choices to one of the first players to send me their lists. I'm not going to give away much but suffice to say, it won't be Shadows this time...
Count me in!


Hey Triggy, When is the expected start and finish date. We should shoot for an end date no later than when Armageddon is coming out. I can see a lot of people suddenly not interested in the "old rules" and a lot of drop outs commencing near that date.
Well, fleet submitted. Don't think it'll be much of a surprise. Why ruin a good thing. :wink:
sorry not this time. any free time this summer will be spent studying or finially updating my website that's been neglected as of late...

Start date probably in about a week or so and end date will be based upone one game a week (with one week's leeway). Assuming eight players that means a two month tournament - ending right after Armageddon is released. I understand your concern at the Armageddon release affecting interest but if there is only a little to go then all should be OK. Also, if you can then getting your games done early will benefit everyone.
OK, we have the following entrants so far:

Lord David the Denied

I'll give the entry signup list until one week after posting to give everyone a full chance to enter. Please can you all submit your lists as soon as possible (thank you to those of you who have already).

BTW, as an addendum to the rules above:
1 Battle point can be split into either:
2 Raid points
3 Skirmish points
4 Patrol points
1 Raid point and 2 Patrol points
This removes the option to split it into 1 Raid point and 2 Skirmish points.
Speaking of, anyone wanna play a preliminary game, to test out fleets? I'm around thursday if anyone is interested, send me a PM.
Geekybiker said:
Lord David the Denied said:
Why remove that option?

'cause it was an unfair point split, not just a different point split. IE if you didnt use it you are at a disadvantage numbers wise.
Exactly, whether it's a typo or deliberate, the points split is far too favourable to avoid using. Basically you get a Skirmish level ship for free if you take two split points of 1xRaid, 2xSkirmish rather than a point of 2xRaid and a point of 3xSkirmish. Notice how the replacement version exactly matches the values of the ships available if you take 2xRaid and 4xPatrol.