new mutation(sex appeal)


mutation name-sex apeal
effect-on a succesful power roll you confuse the heck out of the enemy,by way of fealing that only those off of the hormone suppresent usually feal tword the opposit sex,on a botch you seem full of yourself.
tell me what you think of this mutation please!
Try page 114 of the marvellous PARANOIA Flashbacks - where you'll find Cloud Mens' Minds, a mutation that cause helpless infatuation by way of a heavy dose of pheromones, part of the classic mission Send in the Clones by Allen Varney and Warren Spector.
Send in the Clones figures amongst the classic missions for the original PARANOIA game, since reprinted in Flashbacks by Mongoose.

It has a similar effect to your suggestion, using the dormant desires of both male and female citizens against them.