New LW classes


Hello gentlemen,

I have made two new character classes for Lone Wolf (I must inform you: they are not designed for power gaming).
- Troubadour (a kind of "Bard")
- Franc-Archer (how can I translate this one??? Kind of "Free Bowman"!)

As you guess, unfortunately, they are in french...

Despite all, if someone is interested in translating (or simply reading...) them I can share my .doc documents. :wink:
Yeah I got you translator right here

It may come out a little messy, but you can then just paste your classes here and we'll fix the rest
Bonjour Sabbak!

J'aimerais voir le fruit de ton labeur.
Si le coeur t'en dit, envoie-moi les à l'adresse

Merci à l'avance.