New free JD adventure in Fictional Reality

Mark Theurer

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that a free JD adventure is in the new issue of Fictional Reality ( Inside you'll find lots of rpg and miniature gaming goodness but be sure ot check out the adventure and let us know if you want more.


Mark Theurer, Fictional Reality
As far as I read it, I thought this was a good magazine - I enjoyed the JD adventure and look forward to reading the rest over the next week or so, then I can start on the archives!
Fictional Reality is an excellent magazine, one I look forward to getting each issue. The JD adventure is great so go and download it today for FREE :D

Thanks for the heads up and for the link. I had never heard of this magazine before, but it's very very cool. Just scrolling through the massive pdf, I found the JD adventure, a d20 Modern adventure, miniatures reviews, a hirst arts building guide for a very nice looking building, and a lot more.

I have added myself to their mailing list and will start downloading the previous issues now. Thanks again for the heads up, this is great.