New 3rd Party Product - Magical Traditions I - Spellweaving


Hey RQ Fans -

I've decided to release my first RQ Related product, Magical Traditions I - Spellweaving for the special low price of . . .


That's right, I'm not going to charge anything for it, just go to my wiki and download it from the Magical Traditions section.

I'd appreciate any feedback you have regarding this product, so that I can make future products as high quality and useful as possible.

I'm sure my products won't make everyone happy, but I am interested in producing low-price, professional products that I can be proud to say I worked on, so any constructive criticism is appreciated.

My wiki can be found at
and the spellweaving file can be downloaded directly from:

There is also a link to my forums from there, and an email address where I can be reached, so you don't have to clog up Mongoose forums with comments if it would bother them.


Anthony Hunter
Silver Acorn Design
I just gave this a quick read through and it looks to be a very nice supplement. I look forward to trying it out in one of my up coming game sessions.

When you play tested the SpellWeaver did the players have provlems with the armour restrictions?
No, as a matter of fact it was my players who suggested the restrictions.

They are quite easy to ignore if you want to allow your mages to wear armor.