negative mutation(mechanical antipathy)


mechanical antapathy makes machine dislike the hero(even non-itelgent ones)
always on-friend computer is the only machine not effected by the mutation negativly-is effected positivly instead-weird but true!
tell me what yopu think of this mutation.
Do you have a game store anywhere near your home - or the option to download a .pdf file for a minimal outlay of cash?

A power pretty much identical to this appears in the excellent The Mutant Experience published at the beginning of this year. A full 128-pages of new mutations and new ways to use old mutations, along with variants, overkills and the bad things that can sometimes happen.

As well as having the option to get a copy from Mongoose or your local game store, you can also get a .pdf copy from at a slightly discounted price (almost 25% off).

Well worth the read. Save your pocket money/spare change/a little of your wages/annual interest on that savings account you've forgotten about/other (delete as applicable) and get yourself a copy. You won't regret it.