Need the rules for the Judge's gun (from Judge Dredd)!~

I am running a generic Sci Fi game and I need the rules for the Judge's gun... stats and description of special rules.

Can someone help me out on this?
thanks in advance,

too cheep to pay $40 for the rules of one gun.
Here are the schematics for each gun, MK II being the newer

MK I have 2*12 round clips half of each clip is General Purpose, the other half is decided by the judge but can only be 1 type of round not mixed. So you end up with a clip say 6 rounds GP and 6 rounds Armour Piercing, then another 6 round GP and 6 rounds High Explosive. A Judge generally carries 2 clips in the gun and 3 spares. They also have 3 Heat Seeking, but these must be fitted externally to the gun.

MK II holds 30 rounds, but has a built in self-capping mechanism, so you have all ammo types available, and when you select each round it puts warhead type on the shell. So you can have any number and any mix of rounds up to the 30 shots, they generally carry 4 clips. This also has a short-range taser type thing built-in called a stun shot.

In both situations if they are near their bikes, they have access to a lot of spare ammo, also the bike carries the scattergun, basically a pump action shotgun.

The only other item to note is stumm gas, basically a cs gas hybrid, incapacitates.

I hope this helps, anymore and I would probably be infringing copyright of something.

Great response Steve, and you beat me to it this time :)

The only thing I would add is two additional types of ammunition... Incendiary and Richochet. Incendiary is obvious, but the richochet is a rubber tipped bullet that bounces off most hard surfaces (walls, ceiling, vehicles, etc.) and can be used to shoot around corners.

Shalazar, if you are running a sci-fi game, there is a lot more in the Judge Dredd books that you could use so it'd be worth the money to purchase. Besides, if you look on eBay or Amazon, you can get some good deals on second hand copies.

Good luck.

thanks guys that does help....

Yahh, I've been watching ebay, not many dredd books... that are reasonable... But if I find a good deal I will probably pick it up.

contimplating one of lifes most wonderous things..... how to kill my players!
i think hes still looking at what level of damage to base it on guys

so do him a favor, and compare each rounds damage capabilities in dredd, to something he can convert

to the author, what gaming system are you using for your sci fi game?
yah, can I get game stats on the two differant guns.... like damage, and rate of fire, that kind of thing?

I will be using the basic D20 system, I'm allowing my players to bring in what ever they want from the vast universe that is D20. With any combanation of race and class.

For example:
A Menbarie(B5) Jedi(starwarsD20)... (oooowch)
A wookie(starwarsD20) starfighter wheelman(spycraft)
A halforc(D&D) cybered out soilder(Cybernet)
A lazer toteing gungon(starwars) wizard(D&D)(I would more than likey, kill this charector first)

these are some examples, But I accualy have a player that is playing a spacemarine scout from 40,000. we will probably use a class from the D20 modurn book as a template, then tweek it a little. I'm kinda flexable on that. But I think you get the idea. The universe will be a combanation of all the differant genras. Thats why I love the fact thaat I have the D20 rules for aliens and preds... :twisted:

Hmm, PC's taste like chicken.....
It sounds like an interesting campaign you are going to have. I wouldn't mind providing the stats for the weapons, but as BigSteve said above, it would probably be frowned upon by Mongoose since Judge Dredd is not OGL. It's their copyrighted info.

I've seen the JD rulebook sell on eBay for as little as $10.00. In fact, there is an auction going right now with only one bid at that price. That will probably be your best bet... unless one of the staff members posts here to say it's okay for us to post that info... or they could post it.

Sorry I can't help.

thats why i said "post a comparison"

you know hes doing a d20 thing..

so is the general purpose rounds as powerful as a standard machine gun ammo?..

if so, then hes got stats for that already..

you arent posting stats, and you are not breeching any OGL/nonOGL rules...

you are simply posting a comparison
Yeah, but I'm not able to do that since I don't play d20 Modern. I only play D&D and Judge Dredd right now... so I have no stats to compare it to.

If someone else has both books (or whereever else you would find something to compare it to), then I'm sure that would be okay for them to share...

Good luck.

(or whereever else you would find something to compare it to),

I have these for D20:

D20 modern
Bab 5

(on the way)
OLG cybernet
OLG antiants(sp)

**G** I need to get a real hobby....