Need Info/Help With Earth Fleet



JMS isn’t big on numbers. Remember, as far as he’s concerned a Starfurys fly at the speed of plot. In season 2 the Narn lose around ten ships in their final desperate gamble, devastating their fleet. Season 4 has thousands of ships come together to fight the shadows (though the ‘thousands’ may include fighters and certainly counts corvette sized ships). But around 40 Omegas is a really big fleet.

JMS has stated different numbers of White Stars at different times. He’s said there were around 150 to start with and that loses reduced them and but on another occasion he said there were about 1000 before they took loses in the war. As far as he’s concerned it doesn’t really matter because that’s not what the story is about. Which can lead to much confusion for these kinds of discussions.

BTW, the Narn used their Omega equivalent for scouting when they went to Z’ah’dum in season 2. Also, the point of the Omega was that many thought it was the new wonder-ship that could do anything. Popular thinking said they didn’t need many other kinds.


i created,my own list of warships that EA have in 2380,ocourse its completly non-cannon,but whell.,,

EA force :

Olympus frigate:8
Hypeion cruiser:35
Hyperion N Heavy cruiser:80
Nova dreadnought:45
Nova N:12
Nova delta dreadnought:8-11
Omega destroyer(standard):1250
Omega destroyer(Command):22
Omega destroyer(Assault/carrier)18
Omega R(Refit):40-100
Warlock Advanced destroyer:112(more 40 in production)
Warlock Beta(Brightwarrior upgrade) :7
Nike battlecruiser: 35(more 70 in production)
Lupo frigate: 112(42 in production)
Gemini light cruiser:35(100 in production)
Warlord super battleship: 10 (12 more in production)
Explorer(aka Cortez type):12
Cronos attack ship:117(200 in production)
Mongoose gunship:400
Mongoose II gunship:81(310 more)
Constallation assault ship:31
Delphi cruiser:310(20 more possible)
Apollo Heavy Cruiser:36(30 in production)
Dreadnought "Alpha" battleship:3(possible 7 more)
Santa Maria class explorer(newest explrer in fleet): 1(possible 7 more)
Orpheus battleship:4(they are survived E-M war,and they will be decom soon.
Apocalypse cruiser: 12(40-70 in plan)
Scharnhorst Battlecruiser:10(at least 10-30 more)
Armagedon super dreadnought:2(4more in production and 12 more in plan)
Tempest heavy cruiser: 30 (20 in production and 40 in plan)
Dragonfly tactical battlecruiser:12(41 in production)
Copernicus battleship:8 (7 in production,10 more in plan)
Aurora Starfury:95720 (no more in production)
Badger Starfury:6000
Thunderbolt starfury: 11280(at least 200000 more)
Mustang Bomber:820
and dozen more classes,most of this new ship types are still only test ships,and production is slower and small number of units is been created,
i say again this is non-canon list of EA ships,


mostly i collect names,and some pictures from other sites,E.N.F.I and wolfshipyards,

i try to create a real power of EA,with brand new ships like warlock,gemini,Warlord,all each stronger then a single minbari sharlin cruiser.,