Need a little help finding a prestige class

I've been collecting the old Quintessential series of books, and have many of the Ultimate collection.

There's a prestige class called Courtly Astrologer that's perfect for the villain faction in my 3.5 game but the Ultimate Prestige Vol 2 only lists about half the progression chart.

I was hoping if anyone here could tell me if it was part of another part of the Quintessential series or another book I could hunt down and find the entire thing?


Banded Mongoose
This might be of use.
Tay said:
Maybe its only meant to go to Level 5. The Soothsayer is the same (Page 106).
No, its clearly a 10 level class. the descriptions go up to 10 but the progression chart only goes up to 5.

Fun class. its for arcane casters, but seems to give them access to unique cleric-like domain spells. once at 1st and again at 4th, but doesn't mention in the description about what other levels you gain them. presumably that means zodiac themed 4 domains. Bardic knowledge, +6 caster levels (presumably, judging by the progression), and their spells grow harder to resist at night.

Place this on a sorcerer and his spells known list can rival a wizard.

Ultimate Prestige Classes Vol. II
Pages 88-92
Star Magic
Chaos Magic
Blood Magic
Ultimate equipment guides I, II, and 'more'
Ultimate Feats
Ultimate Prestige classes 1 and 2 [Found, but its incomplete]
The Quintessential:
Barbarian 1&2
Bard 1&2
Chaos Mage
Cleric 1&2
Druid 1&2
Fighter 1&2
Monk 1&2
Paladin 1&2
Psychic Warrior
Rogue 1&2
Wizard 1&2
Slayer's guide to:
Winter Wolves

Combed through all of these books. so far: no luck.
Edit: Can safely say it is not in any MG book on my shelf or the few PDFs outside my physical collection. quite the goof up I found.