Mysteries on Arcturus Station - Now Out!


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Written by Youtuber Seth Skorkowsky, the first Solomani Adventure has now come back from print - Mysteries on Arcturus Station!

You can grab your own copy right here:

North American Travellers can find theirs here:


Deep in the Arcturus Belt, Station Three serves as a hub for business, commerce, and much needed rest for hard-working asteroid miners. But beneath the veneer and flashing casino lights, it is a place of theft, treachery, and murder. Mysteries on Arcturus Station contains two separate investigative adventures which can be played individually or as a series, with one crime leading into the next.

In The Hunt For Sabre IV the Travellers are hired by a mining company to locate a missing ore carrier. What they uncover is conspiracy and murder. The Travellers must hurry to find the ship before the criminals can escape.

Murder on Arcturus Station is a reimagining of the Classic Traveller adventure. A corporate executive has been murdered, and Travellers are the prime suspects unless they can catch the killer in time. It is up to the referee to decide which of the ten suspects is guilty and how they did it. Was it the estranged wife? His mistress? The Solomani rebel? The Aslan noble? This adventure provides all the tools to construct each of the possible crimes, complete with motives, clues, alibis, and misleading information pointing to the wrong suspect.
Congrats, Team Mongoose! Really excited to get this in front of my group. Big fan of Seth, it’s really cool you’ve allied with him :D
I got the pdf edition earlier this year. I was interested in running the classic "Murder on Arcturus Station" adventure but actually ended up fielding "Hunt for Sabre IV" instead. Both adventures are really well written, the station is a fun place to explore, the characters are interesting, the text is easy to follow and the players very much seemed to enjoy the hunt.

I did modify the contents a little bit as I ran the story in the 2300AD universe and as part of a larger narrative arc, but all in all it was a fairly straightforward conversion, the biggest challenge probably being having to redesign the station a little bit to make it more realistic for 2300AD. For us, Arcturus Station, renamed Ragnar-3, now exists in the American Arm, in the Red Speck system.

I can definitely recommend this one. Lots of fun puzzling for the players!