Mysteries of the Ancients -- GMs Thread


Banded Mongoose
The jewel the Travellers discover in the opening of Mysteries is described as:

The jewel is composed of a variety of exotic materials in a matrix of carbon.

I'm pretty sure that means it is a diamond with ancient technology embedded in it. That's pretty cool, but I'm not sure how many people will pick up on it.
A carbon matrix could also mean it is graphene or fullerene based.

I thought of that, but it is a jewel so diamond seems more likely.

Could a fullerene gemstone even be a thing? I haven't thought about Bucky balls for a long time.
There's definitely weird "gemstone" materials in Charted Space. In one of the T4 adventures, it talks about a type of gem that can't be synthesized or even properly photographed/imaged. There's only a dozen of them known and they are outrageously valuable. (The adventure is about finding a rumored 13th such stone).
I have 2 questions:
1. It says that G482 can recover 1D of energy per hit point sacrificed but then the example suggests it is 2D. Which is correct?
2. Omicron plays a significant part in MOTA but is absent from SOTA which is understandable given when both books were written but it makes Gand Holcess' appearance in SOTA look a bit disjointed if there isn't at least some connection. What do others think?
Wrath explains what Omicron is up to during SOTA. The Imperial agents bothering the PCs are intended to be a different agency that's taking action because Omicron isn't around to preempt them. But there's no major plot holes created by making them Omicron, except that they should possibly know more about the PCs than SOTA assumes, if they have access to Omicron's records of the PCs from MOTA.